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Filler Glass Beads

Filler Glass Beads
We are the well-known Manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier & Exporter of Filler Glass Beads. Most glass fillers are short strands of glass fibre but there are an increasing number of long strand grades becoming available. The long strand versions can provide greater strength over the more traditional short strand varieties. It should be stressed at this point that the design of the part will still have a big impact on the final strength as the orientation of the fibres will be affected by the flow of the material. Also, the injection moulding process will break some of the fibres, particularly in the case of long strands.

A coupling agent may be used to improve adhesion between the fibres and the polymer. This results in a more even distribution of the fibres which is retained during the moulding process. As a result, coupled materials, as opposed to filled, will often demonstrate higher impact strength properties.

There are also nylons filled with glass beads. These will improve compressive strength, heat deflection temperature, tensile strength and modulus (stiffness) when compared with unfilled grades. Furthermore, when compared with glass fibres they are easier to process, have uniform and predictable shrinkage and minimum warpage.

Filler Glass Beads are used as reinforcement filler for plastics and resins: Beads are being used as reinforcement filler in the plastic industry. Size of the glass beads being used for this purpose is 710 microns are below. Depending upon the job, bigger size is also being used. For better bond between Glass Beads and plastics, beads are silicon coated. Spherical shape gives better stress patterns than the irregular shaped particle conventionally used. Beads are easily and uniformly dispersed throughout the plastic compound and produce smooth flowing compound which distributes itself evenly, so that all parts of any shaped moulding can be reinforced and the strong corners and edges.
Reinforcement with Glass beads will improve the tensile strength, reduce elongation, increase flexural modulus and in some plastic triple the compressive strength of the finished product. It can be used to reinforce thermosetting resigns, such as polyester, epoxy and phenolic. These Filler Glass Beads are also used to reinforce ABS, Vinyl and nylon. Given below are the few examples:
  • In adhesives to increase the bound strength.
  • In Epoxy plotting compounds for electronic devices in dental fillings and appliances for good compressive strength.
  • In fiberglass-epoxy laminates for improved flexural strength.
  • In moulded phenolic motor housing for good insulation.

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